ToucHX MIDI Controller for iPad and Line 6 Effects

Use our iPad MIDI controller app to get touch access through your iPad for your Line 6® HX Stomp or Helix. ToucHX MIDI controller uses Infinity Audio’s One Control app to enable your iPad to send MIDI commands and design your own controllers. Integrate your iPad with your Line6 product for complete control at your fingertips!

Get easy, reliable touch access over any parameter on you HX Stomp, Helix, or other Line 6 devices. Use these presets, tweak them as you like, and design your own panels and effect pedal replicas.

Sound-EconoMix’s ToucHX controller works with the One Control iOS app to give you instant touch access to 265 effect blocks.

It’s easy to use and cheap.

Here’s how one of the pages look:

IPad MIDI controller app

And there are still more and more pages for more detailed control over your blocks’ parameters. You can even make your own pages and modules, giving you complete control over your HX Stomp or Helix from your iPad (without a computer!).

How does 265+ blocks, amp simulators, and EQ options sound? Find out with Line 6’s Helix line and the HX Stomp!

The newest iPad is lighting-fast with a computer-grade M1 chip. But older iPads still work great with the ToucHX for One Control.

What is SEM ToucHX MIDI Controller?

ToucHX is a customized template that works with the One Control iPad app to modulate any effect you want on your Line 6 multi-effects devices.

That means you can send MIDI messages to your Line6 effects pad that will modify a number of parameters, such as:

  • Turn an effect on/off
  • Control that effect’s mix amount, EQ levels, or other parameters
  • Select presets or snapshots
  • Control your looper
Plummer butt guitar

Two reasons not to bend over to adjust your settings.

So this means no more bending over to adjust your parameters (your drummer will thank you!). 

Line 6 products have the same effects and the same factory MIDI settings. That means you can use the SEM Controller gives you instant touch control you can use with your Line 6 products, including:

  • HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL
  • HX Effects (only 100 effects)
  • Helix, Rack, LT
  • (Note: the programmed MIDI does not map onto Pod HD X series exactly, but can be customized with minimal effort.)

Overview of Main Page

IPad MIDI controller app

To get a better idea of what ToucHX MIDI controller can do, let’s dive into the 10 panels on the Main Page.

Although all of these knobs, levels, and buttons may look intimidating at first, they give you total control over the main parameters of you Stomp or Helix.

Functional Controls

Line 6 MIDI Controls & Selectors

Knobs and Selectors

  • Knobs 1-3: controls knobs 1-3 on HX Stomp. Helix users, see the Extras page for knobs mapped to knobs 4-6
  • Play/Ed: toggle between the Play and Edit modes. (This button is a duplicate of the one on the right, but you might like it here so you can easily copy this module onto a different page)
  • <– and –>: scroll through to see different parameters in Play mode. For Stomp users, the 3 knobs control the 3 parameters visible on your screen. Press and arrow key to see the next 3.
  • Save: save your changes to any preset. (Hint: save some basic templates using the blocks from our presets. They’re MIDI mapped and ready to go!)
  • Expression Pedals: mapped to Pedals 1 and 2 (CC 1-2)
  • Wah: turns any Wah-wah from our SEM presets on and off
  • ?: These are unmapped and unlabelled. The One Control app allows you to customize ToucHX however you like.

Foot switches

Line 6 MIDI foot switch controller
  • 1-5: Foot switches 1-5 (Helix and Stomp XL users, see Extras page for more foot switches)
  • Tuner: toggles tuner on and off
  • Toe: Controls toe switch on effects pedals with that option
  • Bypass: press to bypass, then any foot switch to turn off bypass

Views and Snapshots

HX Stomp Helix snapshot MIDI control
  • Play/Edit: Toggle between Play and Edit view.
  • Preset: enable Preset view
  • Scroll: enable Scroll view
  • Stomp: enable Stomp view
  • Snapshot: enable Snapshot view
  • 1-3: select Snapshots 1-3 (Helix and XL users, see Extras Page for additional templates)

Interested in having instant touch access to all your HX Stomp or Helix parameters? Found out how to get started below.

Make Your Own Replica Effect Pedals

Obsidian 7000 Darkglass replica
SEM ToucHX’s replica of HX Stomp’s replica of Darkglass’ B7K overdrive pedal.

The great thing about ToucHX MIDI controller is that you can create visual replicas or emulations to go along with that great sonic replica you get.

Let’s look at how that’s already been done for you in the SEM ToucHX MIDI controller.

Each of the effects has been labeled and its effects assigned to the Obsidian 7000 (which emulates Darkglass’s B7K overdrive pedal).

This now looks, acts, and sounds like the $300 pedal, and you don’t have to bend over to adjust it.

Of course you can do as many of these as you want using One Control. Design your pages and panels to look just like you want.

How to Get Started

  1. Get the One Control from the App Store.
  2. Purchase and download SEM ToucHX files for One Control.
  3. Go to the ToucHX User’s Guide for all the details you need.

What Do I Get with ToucHX for One Control Package?

With your package, you get all of the following:

  1. 53 Presets that contain MIDI assignments for the most important parameters on all the HX Stomp’s effects (alphabetized according to block name).
  2. Template files for SEM TouchX’s customized touch editor using One Instrument’s One Control MIDI touch interface. Pages: General, Dirt Box (distortion parameter detail), Effects (parameter detail), EQ, and Extras.
  3. Touch access to looper functions and preset selection.
  4. Files and PDF listing all of the presets, MIDI assignments, and all effects in order.
  5. Free inclusion of all future updates.

Note that you’ll need to purchase One Control from the App Store separately.

Let’s look at what’s included in your purchase in detail.

1. All 53 SEM TouchX Presets

SEM custom presets

These presets follow the titles of presets that you’ll see on your Line6 product (Distortion, Filter, Modulation, etc.). You’ll find each of the effects within that section arranged alphabetically.

If you look at your device or the HX Editor, you’ll see those arranged and named progressively.

For example, SEM Distortion A-Br contains the first 8 distortion effects arranged in alphabetical order. Distortion Bu-C has the next 8, etc.

You can copy and then paste effects within these presets into your own presets. Once you do that, the MIDI assignments for these effects will also be pasted into your new preset.

Create your own presets with MIDI assignments that function automatically with pages in SEM ToucHX controller.

2. SEM TouchX Templates for One Control

The template files that you add to your One Control app. You get 2 controller templates:

  1. SEM TouchX Master: which we suggest you leave as is (only replace it with any future updates).
  2. My SEM TouchX: use this to tweak and customize to your heart’s desire.

Follow the directions below for installing it. 

3. Documents for Organizing your Presets

  1. The file “SEMToucHXMIDIAssigments”. This shows you all of the MIDI messages that are sent from One Control to your Line6 device (a.k.a., MIDI assignments).

Some of these (in italics) are programmed in by Line6 and can’t be changed. The rest have been assigned by Sound-EconoMix, but you can change them if you want (and you’ll probably want to do some customizing for your rig).

2. “SEMToucHXPresets” This is a) the list of SEM Presets, b) names of each effect in that preset, and c) MIDI CC of the bypass parameter for those effects.

5. Updates, Community, etc.

The great thing about One Control and SEMs Controller is that you have an immense amount of ability to customize. Completely emulate your favorite pedals, make the background a picture of your cat, do some mouth-watering cross-mapping of certain controls (e.g, frequency cut and pitch modulation) and share your ideas!

Feel free to send ideas for feedback to (regarding the app’s functioning, contact Infinity Audio’s help center) . You might also want to join our Facebook group to share how you’re using the app, inspire, troubleshoot, etc.

Want to learn More?

See the ToucHX User’s Guide to find out more and see how it can ease your workflow and keep your rocking!


Neither nor SEM ToucHX has any affiliation with Line 6®, Yamaha Guitars®, or any of Line 6 products (including HX Stomp®, Pod Go®, and the Helix® line).

On the other hand, the author does use and love their products! is not a business affiliate of Infinity Audio or its product One Control. (But, again, we are a happy users.)

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