Soft Stomp: Presets for Line 6


Soft Stomp:  5 Great Presets for Line 6 Helix and Stomp using the SoftStep MIDI Foot Controller! Unleash your Helix/Stomp without the Power of Your Feet.


Soft Stomp: Presets for Line 6 Helix & Stomp with SoftStep MIDI Foot Controller

Softstep presets for line 6 effects

Our Soft Step presets allow you to instantly control your Line 6® Helix or HX Stomp with your feet! Just plug in your Soft Step and you’re ready to go.

Get instant foot-access to:

  • Additional foot switches

  • Adjust knobs

  • Switch between views (edit, play, snapshot, stomp, presets)

  • Pick Snapshots

  • Press on/Foot off access to wah and pitch pedals

  • Full looper functions!

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Note: change MIDI Base Channel to 3 (factory default is 1)


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