New Novation Circuit Released!

Groovebox lovers have a new reason to celebrate today! Novation has announced the release of the new Circuits.

Now available on order from Thomann!

Order now from Thomann.

It was a slow-release process for many Circuiteers. There had been no firmware updates since 2018 for the original Circuit, leaving many wanting more features (and moving toward other grooveboxes).

There were leaks and sneak peeks that enticed and enraged the Circuit community.

Then, on February 9, 2021, Novation took the cover off the new Circuit.


Circuit has an active Facebook group where Novation can get ideas and feedback on future developments.

Additionally, groovebox Youtube gurus like Gabe Miller have weighed in on what we should see in a new Circuit:

Major questions and debates had to do with:

  • Screen or no screen?
  • Cost
  • Presence of SD card and updated software support
  • Need for sample splicing and improved sampling capabilities
  • A better solution for the synth editor and uploading/switching samples

Let’s see how Novation responded to these concerns.

What’s new?

Novation has made some major improvements without increasing the size of the footprint.

  • 6 Tracks (as opposed to 4)
  • MIDI tracks
  • Sample splice
  • 10 parameter knobs (as opposed to 8)


The question still remains: how do the new Circuits stack up to the competition? Depending on the cost, the Circuits are looking to be most direct competition with Korg’s Electribes.

For a price point, 3-4 Korg Volcas can also perform similar functions (although in several, less integrated pieces).

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