Pacer for EHX 45000

Nektar’s Pacer is a highly-customizable MIDI footswitch.

Nektar’s Pacer includes presets for Electro-Harmonix’s 45000 Looper. Its preset is C6.

Get your Pacer from Thomann or Amazon.

Get your EHX 45000 from Thomann or Amazon.

Read below to learn about using the Pacer with your looper!

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Pacers EHX 45000 Preset (C6)

Here is a template with descriptions of the assignments for Pacer’s Electro-Harmonix 45000 Looper preset (C6):

Template of Pacer’s EHX45000 Template
M-Audio Expression Pedal
M-Audio Expression pedal.
Available at Thomann and Amazon.

Here’s what the Pacer’s “EHX450 C6″Preset can do:

  • 1: Mute Track 1 [CC 102]
  • 2: Mute Track 2 [CC 104]
  • 3: Mute Track 3 [CC 111]
  • 4: Mute Track 4 [CC 109]
  • 5: Push NEW button [CC 103]
  • 6: Push TRACK SELECT button [CC 105]
  • EXP1: Dry Volume
  • EXP2: Click Level

All switches are set to Trigger. This means, when you press a switch:

  • That switch will send a 127 message over its CC number
  • The switches LED will get brighter when your press, then dim again when you let off

Here’s Citizen Warwick using the Pacer to control his looper (among other gear!)

Learn to Program your Pacer

You can map any available MIDI input data from Electro-Harmonix’ 45000 to your Pacer. This gives you foot-tapping access to tons of features.

Here’s our tutorial on inputting data with with the web editor:

And here’s a link to EHX’s manual for the 45000. The MIDI info is on pp 18-19.

45000’s MIDI Control Change Messages

You can control any of these parameters on a Pacer.

Just enter the CC# and Range.

Use Trigger mode for the foot switch.

CC# Data Range45000 Parameter
9 0 to 127 Clix level
200 to 127 Dry Out slider
21 0 to 127 Track 1 play/feedback slider
22 0 to 127 Track 2 play/feedback slider
23 0 to 127 Track 3 play/feedback slider
24 0 to 127 Track 4 play/feedback slider
25 0 to 127 Mix track play/feedback slider
26 0 to 127 Tempo slider
27 0 to 127 Dry Out pan
28 0 to 127 Track 1 pan
29 0 to 127 Track 2 pan
30 0 to 127 Track 3 pan
310  to 127 Track 4 pan
102127 Push REC button
103127Push NEW button
104127Push PLAY button
105127Push TRACK SELECT button
106127Push EXT SYNC
107127Push MIXDOWN button
108127Push STEREO button
109127Push REVERSE button
110127Push OCTAVE button
111127Push PUNCH-IN button
112127Push QUANTIZE.button
113127Loop Down
114127Loop Up
1150 to 9999 Loop Select
1240Change to OMNI=OFF
1250Change to OMNI=ON
45000’s Control Change chart

If you’d like some help, schedule a tutorial by emailing us: We can also make a custom sysex file for you to load to your Pacer.

EHX 45000 also allows you to send Program Change messages. See page 20 of the manual.

Get your Pacer from Thomann or Amazon.

Did You Know?

  • You can move this preset to any Preset slot on your Pacer by just copying it and saving it somewhere else?
  • Get modified expression values by using Pacer’s step feature for each stomp
  • You can make multiple presets for your looper for different songs
  • You can use the Pacer to map to DAW (like Ableton and Logic) or effects boxes (Like TC Electronic’s Vocal Effects)

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