Guide to Line 6 MIDI-Mapped Presets

Save yourself tons of time by using our Line 6 MIDI-mapped presets. This is a collection of 58 presets, all divided according to grouping, where all of the Line 6® blocks are mapped!

Change your distortions range and tweak your amp’s EQ from your MIDI controller. And if you purchase the ToucHX MIDI Controller for iPad, you get instant touch integration using your iPad!

Line 6 MIDI Assignments and Control Labels’s ToucHX MIDI assignments are chosen to give you access to the most frequently used effects and parameters.

You’ll find a detailed spreadsheet of Line 6 MIDI assignments in the SEM ToucHX MIDI-mapped Presets spreadsheet included in your purchase.

The MIDI assignments are organized thus:

1-3Expression Pedals
4-26Basic effects’ parameters
27-33Amp/Pre-amp parameters
34-48Specialized distortion parameters
49-59Foot switches
60-66Looper functions
67-73Screen, Preset, and Snapshot functions
74-81Save, knobs, and arrows
82-94Specialized parameters
95-103Specialized EQ
104-127Additional parameters

In general, our organization of the Line 6 MIDI CC tries to stay within a set of values for different groups of effects. For example, CC 85-89 is dedicated to Reverb parameters. While not all blocks in the Reverb grouping use the same name for a parameter (e.g., noise versus scale), those are assigned according to what makes the most sense within the 85-89 values dedicated to Reverb.

If an effect pedal has particularly unique qualities, some of those might be assigned to the “special” CC (109-110 in the case of reverb). 

CC 126 can be assigned to High Cut or Attack parameters. If you don’t use one of them, just delete it.

SEM Guitar and Bass Amps

You get 10 presets of guitar and bass amps/preamps. These are all designed to work with the Amplifier EQ panels on ToucHX.

Due to the variety of parameters in each amp, you’ll find some shifting around of the MIDI CC assignments. We’ve made note of that at line 312 of the SEM Presets & MIDI CC tab of the SEM ToucHX MIDI-mapped Presets spreadsheet (included in your download).

SEM Delays

CC 13 is the bypass, CC 14 controls the mix or intensity.

Other parameters are mapped in detail CC 90-94. If you don’t need all of those CCs for your distortion pedal but would like to assign them to more parameters on other pedals, this is a good source of CCs to use.

SEM Distortion

CC 15 is the bypass, CC 16 controls the mix or intensity, and (if available) CC 44 is the level.

Other parameters are mapped in detail CC 34-48. (This is dedicated to intricate distortion blocks like the Tone Sovereign and Obsidian.) If you don’t need all of those CCs for your distortion pedal but would like to assign them to more parameters on other pedals, this is a good source of CCs to use.

SEM Dynamics

There are no MIDI assignments for the effects within the Dynamics group. This is for two reasons: 1) there are limited CC values that can be assigned and 2) most musicians don’t need to adjust compressors frequently.


CC values are dedicated to the 10-band EQ and approximated to the nearest value for the other EQs pedals. 

The volume is assigned to Expression pedal #1 on all EQ pedals where available.

There are also many other frequency-related parameters that are cross-assigned to the 10-band EQ. For example, CC 96 controls 62.5HZ on the 10-band EQ, 80 Hz on the Cali Band Graphic, and the Body parameter on Acoustic Sim.

CCs 97 and 103 are cross-assigned to the low and high frequency of other effects, including the Wah pedals.

SEM Modulation

Modulation covers many types of effects, so these have been divided to avoid cross-assigning parameters.

  • CC 9-10 and 109-112: Chorus
  • CC 21-24: Vibrato/Tremelo/Rotary
  • CC 25-26: Phaser/Flanger 
  • CC 117-124: Additional modulation parameters

Some effects, like Beat Chop Trem, do not correspond well to the labels of the effects in ToucHX. If you use these effects, you might want to re-label these levels or create your own emulator for this effect.

SEM Reverb
SEM ToucHX’s MIDI assignments for Plateau
  • CC 11: Reverb bypass
  • CC 12: mix
  • CC 85-88: additional reverb parameters

Reverb effects with many parameters, like Plateau, are cross-assigned with the pitch parameters: CC 7-8 and 104-108.

If you’re not using Plateau or Poly Pitch, you can reassign most of these CCs to other effects.

SEM Pitch/Synth

Like the Modulation group, the Pitch/Synths have many parameters that are difficult to assign consistently. These are consistent:

  • CC 6: Pitch bypass
  • CC 7: mix
  • CC 8: pitch/the primary pitch parameter of the effect

Additional parameters are on CC 104-108. SEM ToucHX’s Pitch controls are customized for Dual Pitch.

Dual Pitch Parameters assigned in HX Edit


Generally straightforward bypass cut (CC 4), position uses Expression Pedal 2 (CC 2), and mix (CC 5). Low (CC 97) and High frequencies (CC 103) maybe be adjusted on the 10-Band EQ on the EQ page. See HX Edit for other parameters.

Some tips

  1. CC 89 and 127 are currently not assigned to anything, so you can assign them to anything you want and they won’t interfere with other parameters.
  2. If an effect has Mix and Level, only Mix is MIDI assigned.
  3. The effects below use up a lot of the CC#s:
  • 38- 47 Distortion pedals: Obsidian, Tone Sovereign
  • 77- 84 Poly Sustain
  • 95-103: 10-Band EQ

If you’re not using them within a preset, then you can assign those values to other parameters.

Note about Line 6® Updates

Line 6 continues to update the firmware for the Stomp and Helix, giving users more effects, more amps, and more MIDI controllable parameters.

As effects are added, these will be mapped and added to new ToucHX presets. We will also release new ToucHX controllers that use Infinity Audio’s One Control technology to maximize your iPad’s control over your Line 6 multi-effects unit.

Disclaimer is not affiliated with Line 6®.

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