Intelligent Musicians Avoiding Dumd Decisions

This is no time for blowing money on bad music gear.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some perfect-for-you investments for your career or passion.

Sound-EconoMix is dedicated to helping musicians make informed, budget-friendly decisions.

Broke Musicians Unite!

Let’s fact it. Contemporary technology can put Mussel Shoals or Abbey Roads studio in your laptop.

The simple fact is you can you don’t need a huge studio or thousands of dollars to record music.

And you can assemble great live gear that’s both compact and inexpensive.

The Perfect Mix: Financial, Space, & Time Economix

Making informed, sound economic decisions takes three factors into account.

  1. Financial economics: Is the purchase worth the money? Will it hold value? Will it require expensive add-ons?
  2. Spacial economics: Can I fit this comfortably into my studio, dorm room, back seat, or pedal board?
  3. Time economics: How steep is the learning curve on this gear? How long does it take to set up each session?

“Is It Worth It?”

It all comes down to a simple question: “Is it worth it?”

One musician’s favorite pedal is another’s door stop. Just because it’s great doesn’t mean it will be great for you.

There are three categories of economics to think about when making a purchase.

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