Show Us Your Music Set-up!

We wanna to see your Slayer-lairs, bass-ments, wo/man-caves, and mouth-watering pedal-boards!

We’d like to share images of compact, budget-friendly music studios and live rigs.
Also any nice ideas and workarounds you’ve come up with to save space, time, and money.
Inspire – or be the envy of – the whole interwebz!

If you want some fame on Sound-EconoMix’s gallery, please send:

  1. 2-5 high-quality photos to (Get a friend to take them if you need. Include photographer’s name so we can credit.)
  2. Description of the gear individually and how it’s connected.
  3. Top 3 favorite items, and a quick description of why.
  4. Any interesting back story or facts we need to know.
  5. Links to your website, Bandcamp/Spotify/Tinder/SoundCloud accounts. We’ll hook you up! Please only send us stable links. (Dead links hurt our website’s credibility.)

This is an exchange of 1) content for the site for 2) a wider network for your musical projects. We’ll give your website do-follow links. These add backlinks to your website which make it more reputable in the eyes of the Search Engine gods.

Please note that we may edit your text and include affiliate links to your gear.

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